Video - Importing Files (2:09)

Video - Troubleshooting Importing Issues (4:30)

Video - Importing Files 2 (4:42) 

Video - Import Proposed Data Files (2:48)

Video - Importing Files 3 (7:04)

Video - Import an FBX File (3:30)

Video - Import Multiple Files (4:52)

Beyond CAD accepts a variety of 3D file formats for import into a scene including FBX, XML, DXF, 3DS, OBJ and more.

To import a 3D object, click the Import + button on the left panel or from the file menu File > Import which will open a Windows explorer window. Navigate to the folder where the 3D object is saved and select the file type from the drop down (or select all files to show All Files). If All Files or the correct file type aren't selected you will not be able to see your file in the Windows explorer window. Click on the 3D object and click the Open button.

A dialogue box will open with options for importing the file including origin location and rotation, import scale and whether to import to coordinates or by attaching to cursor and placing. 

Testing may be necessary to determine the most accurate workflows importing various file formats into Beyond CAD.

Once the desired settings have been adjusted, click the Import button to import the 3D object into the scene. Depending on the size of the file it may take considerable time to import the object so patience is helpful at this point.

Note that the import settings will remain for future object imports including future sessions working in Beyond CAD.