Video - Texturing (8:59)

Video - Texturing 2 (3:57)

Video - Texturing to Fix "Z" Fighting (2:32)

Video - General Texturing (6:22)

Video - Texturing Traffic Signal (2:47)

Video - Adding Texture (2:20)

Video - Problem Solving When Adding Texture (2:31)

With Beyond CAD you can change the texture of textured or untextured surfaces or meshes. First, open the Texture panel on the left toolbar (roller brush icon). Then, find the desired texture and select it. Make sure the roller icon is selected on the middle right of the Texture panel. Now the texture is 'applied' to the brush. Click the desired surface to apply the texture. You can continue to click to apply the texture as necessary. NOTE: It may take up to a minute for the full resolution texture to load and appear.

When you are finished texturing, make sure you select the selector icon in the top right of the menu to exit the Texture state.