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Beyond CAD is built on Unreal Engine which is used in some of the top video games and software applications. While this allows for the photorealistic graphics possible in Beyond CAD, it also requires a high-end computer to achieve these results. 

PCs built for gaming are typically the ones that will work best with Beyond CAD. These machines have big hard drives, plenty of ram, modern processors and a dedicated graphics card. Specifically, we recommend at minimum 80 GB of hard drive space, 8 GB of RAM and a RTX 2070 or better graphics card. The monitor should at least be 1080p resolution though we recommend 4k for best results.

Note that Beyond CAD will not run on Mac and it is recommended to use Windows 10 or newer.

If possible, we recommend getting a PC with a RTX series 3000 graphics card (especially 3070, 3080 or 3090) along with at least 90 GB of free hard drive space and 16 GB of RAM or better.

If there is any doubt, we recommend downloading and installing the free version of Beyond CAD and trying some of the pre-installed example projects to test performance before subscribing to a paid version of Beyond CAD.