Beyond CAD support includes a knowledge base with over a hundred articles as well as training videos can walk through almost every aspect of the software, step by step. 

There are two ways to access the knowledge base, both at The first is to click the blue 'Help' button on the bottom right of every page at the Beyond CAD website. Once clicked this help dialogue will open up with with a search bar where you can search for terms related to the issue you are having. A list of related articles will show up and clicking on any of them will include step by step instructions and often an animated gif. Clicking the gif will make it full screen for easier viewing.

The second option is to visit or find it through the Beyond CAD website drop down menu. The Support page has the same knowledge base and search box. Clicking on any gif will again enlarge it for easier viewing.

If the knowledge base cannot solve your problem you can create a support ticket using the blue Help button and clicking Contact us or by visiting