The Beyond CAD asset library has over 1,400 photorealistic 3D objects for use within Beyond CAD scenes. These assets have been hand-selected to be most useful for the infrastructure projects Beyond CAD has been designed for.

There are 9 categories used to organize these assets to make finding them as convenient as possible:

  1. People
  2. Vehicles
  3. Vegetation
  4. Landscape & Architecture
  5. Buildings
  6. Transportation
  7. Construction
  8. Infrastructure 
  9. Other

Each of these categories is, in turn, organized into various sub-categories as necessary. Taking time to search and understand what assets are available and where they can be found can make building worlds within Beyond CAD more realistic and efficient.

Using the search function is also a useful method of finding the right asset.

The Beyond CAD team is constantly creating and acquiring assets to make the asset library within Beyond CAD as useful as possible. If you have a request for an asset or assets you would like to request to be added to Beyond CAD please contact our support team for further discussion.

Video - Beyond CAD Asset Library Overview