Video - Scene Effects

There are dozens of Scene Effects available to enhance and give various effects to your image and video renders in Beyond CAD. To apply a Scene Effect, first create an image or video (animated) camera in the Render tab of Beyond CAD Studio. Click on the 'Star' effect icon next to the number on the Video cameras and at the bottom of the preview for Image cameras. The Scene Effect box will open in the middle of the screen. Scroll to the left or right to test and apply various effects. Some effects can work together to give more effect possibilities. 

After selecting the desired effect(s), close the Screen Effects box and the effect will be applied to the camera preview. Press play on the video preview to see how the effect will look applied to the camera. Rendering will apply the Scene Effect to the video file.

To remove an effect, open the Scene Effect box for the desired camera and click the effect to unselect it. The effect has now been removed.