Video - Interface Overview (0:37)

Video - Interface Overview 2 (0:35)

The Beyond CAD interface or 'UI' (User Interface) is the graphical layout of Beyond CAD on your computer. It composes the top, left, right and bottom bars along with the icons, panels, text and other buttons used to create your project within Beyond CAD. On the top Left you will see the Beyond CAD icon logo that you can click at any time to return to the main menu. 

The left panel is the toolbar panel with options for Import, Texturing, Environment, Traffic and more. Clicking any of these icons will open the left panel with more options.

The bottom bar has a collection of helpful buttons including the button to open Beyond CAD Studio along with toggles to switch between 3D, 1st person and other views. The bottom also contains the camera settings button and presets 1-5 and icons showing the current context or state.

The right bar gives access to the asset library and clicking on any of the icons will open the right panel to display thumbnails for 3D assets. Clicking or dragging these assets allows the user to place them in 3D space.

The top bar contains the menu options, quick access to layers and the play button which allows the user to turn traffic on or off and adjust the speed of the animation. There are also quick access buttons to the cursor (clicking will switch to rectangle select) and undo/redo buttons.

Each asset placed in the scene has a Beyond CAD icon that, when clicked on, opens the 3D asset menu and displays the transform widget. The 3D asset menu gives the user options such as move, copy, mirror or replace asset.